Refugee Services

Lutheran Services of Georgia's Statement on the Executive Orders affecting refugee resettlement.

On March 6, 2017, President Trump signed a rewritten executive order affecting refugee resettlement in the United States. The new order places a 120-day pause on all refugee resettlement and reduces the number of refugees allowed in the United States from 110,000 to 50,000.

For more than 30 years, LSG has been welcoming and walking alongside refugees in Georgia, and we remain committed to the proud tradition of welcoming refugees and helping them adjust to life in the United States. We will continue to provide services and programs to refugees in our state to the best of our abilities under these new orders.  We will celebrate the great contributions refugees and immigrants bring to our communities and recognize and applaud the many ways they make our state and our country a better place.   

Our nation has a longstanding tradition of ‘welcoming the stranger’ and helping those who are forcibly displaced from their homes. Each year, the United States welcomes thousands of refugees and immigrants – children who arrive as unaccompanied minors and families and individuals who are resettled in cities through our country – fleeing violence, war and ruin in their home countries. With serious conflicts and severe persecution around the globe, the need for refugee resettlement in the United States is as great as ever.

While we understand the administration’s concerns for the safety of our nation and its citizens, the vetting process for refugees is extensive and thorough. All refugees are vetted first through the United Nations and then through multiple agencies of the U.S. federal government. The vetting process typically takes around two years.

Our hope and prayer is that the administration will reconsider these actions, so the United States can continue to be compassionate and welcoming to those who need us most.

LSG’s Refugee Services assists thousands of refugees each year on the path to citizenship. RIS aims to help refugees achieve economic self-sufficiency, integrate successfully into their new communities and country, and strive for citizenship. We are a Lutheran Immigration and  Refugee Services (LIRS) affiliate.

LSG provides services to newly arrived refugees to help them become economically self-sufficient, socially integrated, and culturally acclimated. One of the most important steps for our refugee clients is obtaining their first job in the United States.

Refugee Services are offered at the following locations: 

In order to fulfill our mission of helping refugees find home, we offer the following refugee services in Atlanta:

  • Resettlement: Intensive services include providing for the day-to-day needs of newly arrived refugees: an apartment, food, health screenings, orientation, legal documents, and school registration for children.
  • Social Adjustment: Extended case management services to assist families with home management, accessing medical care, and emergency situations.
  • Extended Cultural Orientation*: Cultural orientation to recently arrived refugees. Topics include transportation, home management, healthcare, computer skills, and employment.
  • Employment: Orients newcomers to the American workplace. Offers employment counseling, job placement services, and post-employment follow-up.
  • Matching Grant: Additional support empowers refugees to quickly find a job and reach early self-sufficiency. Through intensive employment services, matching grant provides refugees with an alternative to public assistance.
  • LSG Kids Club: RIS’s newest program, a day camp format for refugee children during school breaks. Includes therapeutic components along with field trips and fun activities aimed at helping children process their migration experiences and learn about life in the United States.
  • Immigration: RIS offers immigration services aimed at helping refugees and low-income immigrants with immigration needs from arrival through naturalization.
  • Detention Visitation and Pen Pals: LSG's Friends in Hope volunteers bring hope, compassion, and friendship to detainees in immigrant detention centers through visits and letters.

We also offer these refugee services in Savannah:

  • Resettlement
  • Social Adjustment
  • Employment
  • Cultural Orientation

How You Can Help

Refugee Services relies on the dedicated support of our numerous volunteers and other supporters. Find out more about how you can help by volunteering, donating household items and furniture for refugee apartments, employing a refugee, or hosting a fundraising event.

To refer someone to our Refugee Services department please call 404-875-0201 or 800-875-5645

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