Disaster Relief Overview

Lutheran Services of Georgia assists communities throughout the state when disaster strikes. We do so by partnering with congregations and Lutheran aid organizations so that we can leverage collective resources and respond as quickly and effectively as possible.

To provide disaster relief in Georgia, we first focus on addressing immediate and basic needs of the affected individuals by providing necessities like food, water, and shelter. Once immediate needs are met, we work with communities to help them rebuild.

You Can Help


In the event of a disaster, we rely on the generosity of others to provide help where it is most needed.

If you wish to support Disaster Response, please contact your local congregation or call LSG at (404) 875-0201.

You can also help by volunteering, engaging your community, and donating goods.

To Learn More:

For more information about LSG’s disaster response efforts, or to request support for yourself or someone else, please call LSG at 404-875-0201.