Disaster Response

Lutheran Services of Georgia assists communities throughout the state when disaster strikes. We do so by partnering with congregations and Lutheran aid organizations so that we can leverage collective resources and respond as quickly and effectively as possible.

LSG's focus is providing long term recovery assistance for families and individuals who have unmet needs following a natural disaster. LSG’s work includes assisting and managing home repairs and construction and assessing each family’s or individual’s comprehensive needs and ensuring those needs are met.

You Can Help


In the event of a disaster, we rely on the generosity of others to provide help where it is most needed.

We are currently working in the Coastal region serving people affected by Hurricane Irma in 2017. We are beginning work in Albany and the surrounding area, bringing assistance and planning long term recovery for those affected by Hurricane Michael.


 Lutheran Services of Georgia is looking for faith groups and other community groups who are interested in volunteering to assist with recovery efforts.   Groups interested in volunteering in the Savannah area should contact Lauren Cruikshank at lcruickshank@lsga.org.


Lutheran Services of Georgia both financial and in-kind donations (electrical, plumbing, HVAC services and construction materials are especially needed) to help with our repair and rebuilding efforts.  To make a financial gift, visit lsga.org/donate.  To donate in-kind gifts or offer materials at a discounted rate, contact Lauren Cruickshank at lcruickshank@lsga.org.  

Need Assistance?

Coastal Georgia residents in need of assistance can email Karen Kouzmanoff at kkouzmanoff@lsga.org  or call (912) 353-8875.