We seek to find, strengthen, and create homes for people in need throughout Georgia. To do this, we provide services through a Continuum of Care,  working collaboratively with other agencies throughout the state and internally to provide our clients with a variety of services from multiple program areas.  This  so that they are able to have stable, supportive, and healthy home environments regardless our their situations.

A Continuum of Care is a method of service delivery that requires commitment to a goal.  A continuum usually consists of relevant agencies and organizations who work together to identify the best practices needed to reach a goal together. These agencies work together to maximize funding resources and identify mainstream programs and service delivery methods so that they can follow a unified strategic plan that has been endorsed by all parties.


In the case of Lutheran Services of Georgia, our program staff participate in relevant program meetings around the state, and apply cooperatively for grant funding with other agencies that do similar work in order to meet the goals established by our various programs.

We work collaboratively internally and with other agencies to provide the highest level of care. Once the needs of clients are identified, a Continuum of Care meets the client where they are, from the prevention side of the continuum all the way to the chronic stages of need. Once clients come under our care, they may take advantage of the services provided by multiple programs, ensuring that they have the support and
resources they need no matter what challenges may arise.